Our mission is to continuously strive to improve the quality program and the quality of the services
we provide our customers.

Our vision is to always be recognized by our customers as a quality service provider who meets or
exceeds their quality performance expectations in the instrumentation and electrical construction industry.

Bridgefield Electrical Services, Inc.
Quality Control Plan Guidelines

    1. Project planning and Start-Up Our project manager, drawing review and site supervision review the scope of the job identifying problems areas. Expectations, responsibilities and goals are established.
    1. Submittals and Working Drawing Reviews Reduced interference, product compatibility and operational function are examined and problems resolved.
    1. Field Installation Performed by licensed, skilled tradesmen under the supervision of experienced craftsmen. Problems are resolved as they are identified.
    1. Testing/Start-Up Each component, subsystem and system is tested, energized (when applicable) and operated. Corrections, if required, are completed prior to customer turn-over.
    1. As-Built Drawings Tracked, prepared, and submitted.
    1. Owner Assistance Project manager and job supervision assist the owner's plant department in assuming control of the electrical systems.
    1. Warranty Assistance Bridgefield Electrical provides support services during the warranty period.
    1. Full Circle Continuous Improvement Careful study of installed systems provides valuable feed back for ongoing design of reliable systems.