At Bridgefield Electrical Services, safety is number one.  We take great measures to insure the safety and well being of all our employees.  During the hiring process we spend time with each employee reviewing our overall safety policy and procedures.  We make sure that each individual understands their expectations with regards to performing their job safely.  All employees undergo a pre-employment drug and alcohol urinalysis.  Bridgefield project managers hold daily toolbox meetings to discuss any safety issues that may arise on their jobsite. 

WE BELIEVE IN SAFETY!  At Bridgefield, we care about the health and safety of our employees and the environment in which they work.  With keeping safety number one, we insure that each job is completed in a safe, timely manner.

Health, Safety & Environmental
Policy &  Procedures
Table of Contents

1.   General Housekeeping
2.   Illumination
3.   Material Handling and Storage
4.   Barricades
5.   Ladder Safety
6.   Scaffolds
7.   Powered Aerial Work Platforms
8.   Forklifts and Powered Industrial Trucks
9.   Fall Protection
10. Respiratory Protection
11. Hand Tools
12. Power Tools
13. Power Actuated Tools
14. Electrical Safety
15. Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout Tagout
16. Asbestos Management
17. Bloodborne Pathogens
18. Confined Space Entry
19. Disciplinary Procedures
20. Head Protection
21. Eye Protection
22. Hearing Protection
23. General Safety Policy
24. Walking and Working Surfaces
25. Trenching and Excavation
26. Alcohol and Substance Abuse
27. Fire Protection
28. Emergency Response Procedures
29. Project Management Safety Leadership Training
30. Medical Services and First Aid
31. Driver Safety
32. Hazard Communication Program
33. Job Hazard Analysis
34. Near Miss Reporting
35. Hydrogen Sulfide
36. Fire Protection and Prevention
37. Benzene
38. Lead
39. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
40. Process Safety Management (PSM)
41. Hot Work
42. Safety Procedures - Load Bearing
43. Safety Procedures - Welding
44. Mobile Hoisting Equiptment
45. Severe Weather
46. Lead Awareness Management
47. General Waste Management
48. NFPA 70
49. Short Service Employee
50. Compressed Gas Cylinders Program
51. Spill Prevention Program
52. Lead Safety Program
53. Manual Lifting
54. Injury Illness Prevention
55. Heat Illness Prevention
56. Working Alone
57. Behavior-Based Safety